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പോരാട്ടങ്ങളും യാതനകളും മനുഷ്യനെ പൂര്‍ണതയിലെത്തിക്കുന്നു. ഇന്ദിരാഗാന്ധി

Margot goes out about grass and you may can make the woman means on the brand new smokehouse

Margot goes out about grass and you may can make the woman means on the brand new smokehouse

She easily discovers the latest barrel however, basic grabs a beneficial scaling knife off the wall. From the window, she sees the brand new Chef’s cottage.

Back in the newest eatery, Margot comes into toward barrel

In the bistro, the film superstar asks as to why he had been selected considering all website visitors are being penalized. Their assistant requires why the woman is getting penalized. He asked where she visited university. She says, “Brown.” The guy requires in the event the she’s college loans. She says, “Zero.” Situation closed.

Margot enters this new Chef’s cottage to track down it’s a replica out of the new restaurant’s kitchen. In this you to, there is a silver doorway. She crosses to it however it is secured. Elsa appears on the cottage and you can informs her she’s supposed to be concerned about the purchasers while the chef concerns for the newest menu; Margot is actually to make the woman employment difficult. They have a giant scuffle around the cottage which have Margot having fun with brand new blade she had pillaged. At the end, Elsa try stabbed so you can passing. She tries to show Margot you to she failed to neglect to flow the brand new barrel; the fresh Cook never wanted they. Margot requires the key https://cashlandloans.net/title-loans-mt/ out of Elsa and goes into the newest silver room to track down a key space having piles from recipe books and you may photos of Chef during the his occupation, end towards a newspaper image of him turning hamburgers at the a beneficial local cafe, apparently delighted than they are now. Margot observes a wireless into shelf and calls away for this new Coast-guard. When she dates back to your bungalow, this new Cook is there, asking when the she wants their house. Margot requires him in the event the they are fed-up giving his artwork in order to steeped individuals, as to the reasons cannot he wade behave as a chef from inside the a soups home otherwise good monastery. Cook tells this lady so you can retrieve new barrel.

The fresh Chef says he noticed his film into the their one day from (the only for the tortillas) and you can didn’t think its great

Cook informs her the solution to the girl real question is he is an effective monster but this evening what you he or she is done is a hundred% natural. He tells the woman he has “Chef’s hand” and you will creates a flames for her candle with his hand. The guy quotes Martin Luther King to state “We realize through incredibly dull experience that versatility is never voluntarily given because of the oppressor. It ought to be necessary from the oppressed.” A tiny ship arrives and the Coast guard helps make their method towards cafe. This new Cook admires Margot in order to have receive radio stations and you will instructions the brand new kitchen end up being cleared. The employees works to cover all which is moved on that night also to clean every person’s faces so you can keep hidden wounds. Cook Slowik tells the team the guy try not to help them thus there is absolutely no really worth using the risk. It will probably merely result in the death of a simple boy. The fresh new Coast-guard informs new Chef he’s heard there can be good disturbance. Brand new Cook denies which and you may no one throughout the space talks upwards. The latest Coast guard asks if the some body titled in a pain code towards the brief-revolution however, Margot does not talk up. Then he comprehends the film celebrity and says he’s a fan. The new Chef requires if he’d such as for example their autograph. The film superstar is provided with a pen and you can paper and then he produces inside it toward Coast-guard. The fresh new officer transforms to exit after which converts straight back around, directing his firearm at the Cook. The area initiate begging to have let. This new Coast-guard situations his weapon but turns it to help you Margot – a lot more especially, the fresh new candle towards the Margot’s desk which the Cook got create. New weapon is simply a less heavy and then he spends they to help you light the newest extinguished candle. The fresh Cook shows he’s included in this right after which informs Margot he or she is felt like she is now an eater, a great taker, an animal like all the others.

കമന്റ് ബോക്‌സിലെ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങള്‍ സുപ്രഭാതത്തിന്റേതല്ല. വായനക്കാരുടേതു മാത്രമാണ്. അശ്ലീലവും അപകീര്‍ത്തികരവും ജാതി, മത, സമുദായ സ്പര്‍ധവളര്‍ത്തുന്നതുമായ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങള്‍ പോസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്യരുത്. ഇത്തരം അഭിപ്രായങ്ങള്‍ രേഖപ്പെടുത്തുന്നത് കേന്ദ്രസര്‍ക്കാറിന്റെ ഐടി നയപ്രകാരം ശിക്ഷാര്‍ഹമാണ്.

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