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Engineering Jobs In ADNOC UAE


Engineering Jobs in ADNOC UAE

ADNOC is open to multiple engineering job openings in Dubai, UAE. ADNOC, which is among the leading energy groups in the world is run under the Abu Dhabi Government. Currently, the products by ADNOC are sold in six continents making Abu Dhabi an international energy hub.

The main products by ADNOC are oil, gas, refined products, and petrochemicals. ADNOC produces around 600,000 metric tons of high-quality Group II & III base oil per year. Named ADbase, it is used by leading lubricant manufacturers around the globe. ADNOC provides aviation-fuel to UAE’s seven international airports and was the leading jet fuel supplier for Europe in 2016.

ADNOC is allocating $15 billion to advance and accelerate lower-carbon solutions, investing in new energies and decarbonization technologies to reduce their carbon intensity by 25% by 2030 and enable their NetZero by 2050 ambition.


Why choose engineering jobs in ADNOC UAE?

If you are a fresher or a mid-level experienced candidate, ADNOC is the right place to be.
As ADNOC is among the world’s largest suppliers of all kinds of fuels, you will have hands-on experience with qualified engineers and technicians.

As ADNOC believes in investing in human capital, they ensure the security of their employees and provide a balanced work environment.

Apart from that,  Dubai attracts talent from across the globe. It is still voted a top destination where your career can climb up. Other advantages include the modern lifestyle and developed facilities in Dubai which will ensure you a quality life.

Engineering Jobs offered in ADNOC UAE

Most relevant job vacancies in ADNOC include project, engineering, and planning. The main career is are engineering, drilling, administration, supervision and operations

Most of the job vacancies are of mid-level and must have experience in planning and scheduling in Major Building/Civil Projects in a large organization. You must be conversant with Primavera, MS Projects, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc.And since you are going to work in a multidiverse environment and deals with international clients, a good knowledge in English is always handy.


Career Area Engineering ( Civil/Chemical/Petroleum), Research, Operation
Location Abu Dhabi
Experience Mid-level
Applicaion Link APPLY HERE

How to apply for engineering jobs in ADNOC UAE?

You can apply for all the job openings in ADNOC Abu Dhabi by clicking here. Once you land on the careers page, you can choose your appropriate job role and click Apply. You will be prompted to Sign In with your account. If you are not registered yet, you can create a new account by submitting your username, email id, and password.
You can also sign up through Linkedin or Dropbox to create an account. 


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