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ADIB UAE Job Vacancies 2023

ADIB UAE Job Vacancies

ADIB UAE Job Vacancies 2023

ADIB, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is one of the leading banks in the UAE. They have been awarded the MENA Islamic Finance Bank of the Year 2023 for complying with Islamic shariah and maintaining sustainability, and innovation.ADIB’s business strategy is built on four strategic pillars: continuous innovation, segment focus, digital transformation, and sustainability. This approach underscores the bank’s dedication to delivering customer-centric services that are supported by cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

ADIB is the fourth largest Islamic bank in the world by assets. It has more than one million customers as of now, served by its finance plans with top-class digital banking services. ADIB now concentrates more on digital transformation for its customers. It supports digital transformation throughout banking with Shariah compliance. These include personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, investment banking, and treasury services.


ADIB provides various personal banking solutions such as savings accounts, current accounts, personal financing, home financing, auto financing, credit cards, and takaful (Islamic insurance) products. They also offer dedicated services for priority banking customers and cater to the unique financial needs of women through their “Ladies Banking” program.ADIB has a large network of ATMs across the country.

 Working with ADIB UAE Job Vacancies 2023

ADIB provides a valuable work environment for all its employees. ADIB serves all its employees with financial management and managing their wealth. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge or a graduate keen to begin your career, ADIB offers a wide range of opportunities in a rapidly growing global organization. They are in search of individuals with skills and potential to grow alongside the company.

ADIB UAE Job Vacancies 2023

Currently, there are a wide range of vacancies available in ADIB. Job roles include relationship manager, help desk, project manager and other technical jobs like cybersecurity analyst and front end developer.

Relationship managers build and maintain relationships with individual or corporate clients, offering financial advice and tailored banking solutions.

Job Roles Islamic Finance Executive, Consultants, Telesales, Relationship Manager and other roles
Location United Arab Emirates
Requirements University degree or a recognized professional certificate
Application Link APPLY HERE

How to apply for ADIB UAE job vacancies 2023?

You can click the given link and move to the career page of ADIB.You don’t need an account in ADIB career page to apply. You can provide your valid email and proceed with the steps mentioned in the page.



Fraud Security from ADIB

ADIB UAE takes serious efforts to bring awareness about the fictitious job offers and frauds calls to job seekers.They have created a 24/7 hotline to inform about any scams and provieds a page to recognise the fraudulent contacts.


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